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Group Medical

Today’s multigenerational workforce demands benefits that are personalized, creative, digital and flexible.  We focus on creating a fresh approach and innovative ideas for you and your team. 

We will analyze implementing all available options in the marketplace, for example: PPO, HMO, EPO, and HSA/HDHP plan options.  

Due to changing government regulations, aging populations and increasingly complex healthcare needs, medical and disability costs are on the rise.  The added complication of new privacy regulations can make managing benefits programs challenging.  Employers are looking for creative solutions to gain value from their benefits investment and improve health management for their employees.  Let us help create a solution for you that works.

Looking to streamline your benefits program delivery and reduce complexity?  By providing a more personal, engaging experience, the right digital platform can free up your valuable HR resources.  Talk to us about how we can implement an online benefit solution for your benefits. 

Competitive Benefits

Managing Costs & Risks

Simplified Program Delivery

Group Carriers

 Blue Shield|Anthem|Kaiser|Health Net|Oscar|Covered California|California Choice|Aetna|UnitedHealthcare|Cigna

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