Life & Disability


Life insurance is an important part in your financial planning.  We are here to help discuss the various options and to make sure you have the right amount to meet your goals.


Your greatest financial asset is your ability to earn an income.  What if that income stops or is significantly reduced due to an onset of a sudden illness or an accident that leaves you disabled?


A Disability Income (or Income Protection) policy protects you against the biggest threat to your household income stream - an illness or disability that inhibits you to work, earning that level of income you are accustomed to maintain your lifestyle.  Remember, expenses remain, bills need to be paid but now your income is shut off or reduced significantly.


A Disability Income policy will cover you in the event of:

> a car accident leaving you temporarily or permanently disabled

> a recreational sport injury that leaves you paralyzed or with a disabling injury

> blindness due to an accidental injury or disease

> any chronic or sudden illness (i.e. stroke, cancer, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis) where you are left unable to work


Protect your income and your lifestyle as this is a critical part of your Insurance Portfolio.