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Individual Plans

Here at EIB, we are able to help you find solutions for your health insurance at the most affordable rates possible.  There are various options available to you, for example:  HMO, PPO, EPO, HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan), and HSA.  Learn what opportunities exist for you in the marketplace.  

Agents can help simplify the “maze” in obtaining health coverage.  As agents, we have our direct contact with the carriers to help make the process very streamlined and hassle-free for you, the customer. 


NO!  Our services to you are of NO ADDITIONAL COST.  Agents are remunerated for our service directly from the insurance carriers in the form of a commission.  Your insurance premiums are the same if you use a broker or not. 

Why use an Agent?

Does it cost me anything?

Federal Poverty Level Chart 2023

Individual Carriers

 Blue Shield | Anthem | Kaiser | Health Net | Oscar | Covered California 

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